‘The Lion King’ Puts Critics on Silent Mode

The Lion King from Disney

It’s their job and they say what pleases them but Simba, The Lion King shuts their mouths by helping the struggling US box office. The overwhelming success of The Lion King this weekend stamped Disney’s dominance grossing millions from across the globe.

Disney, in 2019, accounts for 35% of the domestic market which accumulates in excess of $2.1 billion thanks to Aladdin, Avengers: Endgame, Toy Story 4, and The Lion King. The unrealistically realistic resurrection of Simba is promising a major contribution to Disney’s overwhelming success.

Simba - The Lion King (2019)
Credit – Disney

The Lion King (2019) is by no means a fiction for the fact that it is so close to what happens in animals’ real life. The movie just serves the characters with the ability to express via language.

The conflict for the throne in the jungle rises after 25 years featuring the same story and scenes but cherishing the miraculous technology, which seems enough to slap on the critics’ faces.

The Lion King’ is one of the most beloved and well-known movie brands of all-time and this reboot will offer an opportunity for a whole new generation to embrace these iconic characters and this story in a bold new way.

Paul Dergarabedian, senior media analyst at Comscore(SCOR), told CNN Business.

The Lion King is the Unstoppable Jungle Fire

On its opening day, The Lion King (1994) managed to sweep the box office by making $78.5 million (the 10th highest first-day hit ever) and it’s descendant, The Lion King (2019) didn’t disappoint at all. Experts are now anticipating $150 million or even more by this Sunday at the North American box office.

Disney releases official trailer of The Lion King 2019
Credit: Disney

Talking about the international box office, The Lion King laps up $192 million (the figure includes China and all new markets generating $111 million). We can safely anticipate that the big cat now has $300 million in its sight by Sunday.

The Lion King Crushes Experts’ Forecasts

Over the past few weeks, most of the critics loved using 56% score on Rotten Tomatoes as the reference point.  The results from the box office put all experts, critics, and reviewers on silent mode. Some are even finding explanations and justifications in an attempt to show their respect and love to Simba’s magnificent return.

It faces challenges including mixed reviews and fans of the original questioning the need for this newly re-imagined telling, but it’s looking like the allure of the film, particularly for kids, will be incredibly strong ….. Any negative reviews that may influence parents will likely be offset by their children who are absolutely going to be a strong influence on their parent’s decision to head to the multi-plex.

Paul Dergarabedian, senior media analyst at Comscore(SCOR), told CNN Business.
The Lion King roars on box office
Credit: Disney

The Lion King is By No Means a Fiction

Yes, the scenes are identical to the original version but the unrealistically photorealist visuals are pretty close to what you see in a real documentary on Animal Planet or NatGeo. The Lion King does communicate emotions and stimulates the love for animals whom we owe so much.

Simba in The Lion King
Credit: Disney

The jungle is ruthless and animal-documentary lovers know this fact despite the fact that jungle does fascinate us. Thanks to NatGeo, Animal Planet, Discovery, and the likes, we now have a rational understanding of animals’ lives and their constant struggle. The Lion King (2019) is by no means a fiction for the fact that it is so close to what happens in animals’ real life. The movie just serves the characters with the ability to express via language.

Wildlife Documentaries Inspired The Lion King

The Circle of Life as King Mufasa calls it is pretty much evident in lion’s society. Sir David Attenborough’s documentaries inspired Jon Favreau (Director of The Lion King) and served him with an understanding of how animals’ sometimes behave as humans do.

Mufasa and Simba - The Lion King 2019
Credit: Disney

Wildlife Documentaries often tend to present animals with human attributes because most of us want to see animals behaving like humans. True-Life Adventures from the 1950s and Disney’s TV programs also contributed a lot to stimulate the appreciation of presenting wildlife in an entertaining way instead of keeping it purely educational.

What Encouraged Jon Favreau to Bring Simba Back?

Critics have had enough of it so let’s keep them aside for at least a few weeks. The link below has everything you want to listen from the director himself!

Favreau didn’t like the idea of recreating the whole new thing while manipulating all dimensions. The results so far suggest that he was right not to stray far from The Lion King (1994).

Everybody’s got their own formula. I’m not saying this is the way you do it, but it’s the way I’ve done it.

Jon Favreau
Shot from The Lion King official trailer.
Credit: Disney

Critics are quick on judging by the cover and driving conclusions but and the trailer stimulated the debate over the similarities they noticed to the original film.

The Lion King (1994) was Also a Risk that Paid Disney

Nobody anticipated The Lion King (1994) as eagerly as people waited for The Lion King (2019). Those were different days and Disney took a huge risk of introducing something exceptional to Hollywood.

It paid back with a bang! It showed the industry a completely new path and don’t forget that Disney just came out of the troublesome times with the release of The Little Mermaid (1989) followed by Beauty and the Beast (1991) and Aladdin (1992).

Simba with Lana at the elephant graveyard
Credit: Disney

The Lion King (1994) was the first Disney production to feature all-animals community altogether excluding human influence. In addition, the likes of The Lion King didn’t exist in history so the team had nothing to inspire from. Further, Disney took another risk of releasing the movies in summer 1994 unlike the year-end (holidays) release of the three movies mentioned above. Remember, summer 1994 was to host True Lies, Clear and Present Danger, Speed, and the most famous of all, Tom Hanks’ Forrest Gump. Disney took a brave risk and managed to stamp its authority.

Scar in The Lion King 2019
Credit: Disney

Carolyn Newberger (Harvard Psychologist) criticized stereotypes of the time, hyena and its gestures. Janet M. Walker (Writer of the New York Amsterdam News) tossed the term sambo-ish hyenas and even criticized that Simba’s voice featured white actors whereas the King and Queen featured the voice of colored (Madge Sinclair and Earl Jones).

Terry Press (Disney Spokeswoman) dismissed the objection by claiming “It’s a story. It’s fiction, these people need to get a life”.

Thanks, Simba for Coming Back!

Let them say whatever they have to, we can’t keep everyone from jealousy and the evil eye. The Lion King has impressed thousands and is ready to impress millions across the globe in the coming weeks. Please share your thoughts on the movie via comments and let us know when you are going to watch this incredible movie. If you’ve watched it, how did it impress you?

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