The Favours Unnoticed

dead leaf

It was a flamboyant, glamorous and dazzling dusk when I sat in my room in the corner of my abode. While sipping coffee from my mug, I focused on the spectacle outside the large window. The sun lingered on the horizon and appeared so colorful with gold, orange, indigo, blue and purple shades, moments before dying out.

Little sunshine was striking onto the surface of my room. I was keenly observing all the rays. Don’t know what was making me do that, maybe the extreme beauty of the mixed colors in the rays but I was so indulged in it that I could not move my sight from there. The most comfortable place for me; my room was brilliantly decorated with the wooden bed, chairs, table and the wooden floor too along with a couch, wall clock, paintings, etc.  

A Leaf’s Death 

While looking outside from the window, I was keenly noticing the autumn scene. Beautiful trees and the chirping birds were the things I was attracted to. Then suddenly a leaf caught my sight. It was falling off the branch, moving softly through the breeze. It was a middle-sized leaf somewhat yellowish and greenish. As soon as it touched the ground it became stationary. Perhaps it was dead now. Then a man passing by just stepped over the leaf and it was crumpled into pieces. This was how its funeral took place. This incident proved to be heavy on my heart. I was disturbed now. I gathered my senses and stood up to leave the room as I was being called for dinner by my mom. I didn’t realize the speed time traveled by.  

I took my chair and put it on the side of a wooden table which was loaded with a lot of things made for dinner. There was rice, chicken, spinach and much more served on the table. In a corner were placed some fresh fruits. I ate my dinner silently and now I was done with it. I helped my mom with the utensils and then left to hug my bed. But today as I laid down on my bed, I was not relaxed nor satisfied. I felt some burden on me. Don’t know what it was. It took me a lot of time to call my sleep and meet my dreams.  

The Leaf’s Memoir   

I was in deep sleep when ‘THAT’ leaf visited me. I was shocked by its words “surely, you have been a lot busy thinking about me”. I agreed of course. Then it said “if not in my life then after my life, some human has paid attention to me. I am so honoured to have personally come to meet you. Oh, you pretty lady, today you have made a place in the core of my heart, thank you, for being so caring! This is the first time I’ve got a chance to share my stuff with someone else. And this sharing will make you feel light”.

It continued, “now listen! The second I was born, I started playing my part in my family business which was making oxygen for humans. We were hired at a factory named the tree. It took raw materials from the soil and they were given to us via the suppliers – the branches. We were the manufacturers and the laborers as well. We had to convert the raw material into a useful product – Oxygen. We spent our entire lives in this business, voluntarily or involuntarily”.  

And these of his words earned him a lot of respect, “though I never met any human in person I had been seeing them all my life. We work for them for our whole lives but they are so rude to us that they don’t even bother to glance at us or smile at us. They are so thankless for all the things we do for them. Many members of our community sacrificed their lives for the sole reason of serving humans. I wonder how they are so ignorant to us. One day a friend of mine left the tree and vanished somewhere. He didn’t come back after that. I asked my mom where had he gone. She just answered ignorantly …. just for a vacation my baby. I forgot that the incident at some time as many of our relatives used to go for a vacation all year, especially in autumn. But one day my mother also left for a vacation and never came back. I waited for her to return but hopelessly I gave up”.  

The Last Breath  

One day gale blew and I felt something hurting at my back. It was nothing else than a strong wave of wind which was putting unbearable stress on my little body. I felt myself getting separated from my home and in no time, I was on the ground. I felt breathless…gasped and tried hard but unfortunately, it was my last. AND UNDOUBTEDLY SOONER OR LATER EVERYONE HAS TO TASTE DEATH. I was lifeless now and then a person passing nearby crushed my body and this way paid homage to all my favors to him.  

The Lesson Never Learnt  

Nature and its relations are doing many favors to us all the time which always remains unnoticed. A lot of things present in this universe are beneficial to us in many ways. The sun, moon, stars, rivers, lakes, trees, plants, and many more things are the basic requirements of our lives. Despite all these blessings, we are so thankless that we are always complaining about stuff we don’t have rather than being thankful to whatever we have. We are so involved in the worldly pleasures that we don’t have time to enjoy the remarkable beauty of nature. So, we must manage our lives to spare some time for being thankful for all the things we are bestowed with and this is only possible when we will use our inner eyes which are the bliss of solitude to observe nature and its innumerable favors.

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