The 6 Best Tips for Killer Social Media Ad Copy that Converts

tips for social media ad copy

In today’s world marketing backbone is Social Media. Social Media plays a vital role in engaging customers for marketers. Marketers need to be active on social media 24 hours a day. But why it so important to be so active? No doubt being interactive with customers is the need of the hour; it creates discussions and is helpful in marketing. Presenting less Social Media ads is not a healthy sign; you might lose your valuable customers. Posting just one or two ads is not easy to sneak into the internet. There are several ups and down in moving along this path.

6 ways to sell social media ad copy

Answer to all these questioners’ lies with 6 healthy tips that help you in writing social media ad copy that converts.  

1.  Brand Voice Should be Chanted with Ad Copy

You should propagate your Brand in a defined way. Your advertisements should speak the same words as you are talking to clients. If you use the opposite line of words than you won’t be able to get potential clients. Words should be synchronized reflexively in a proper format. A formal tone should be introduced in delivering your message to readers. Ad copy must include words that enforce readers to go to other posts. Adding up local words is a good option. The presentation of words in advertisements creates a huge difference. Writings related to B2B and B2C businesses need such a professional tone in the text.

2.  Usage of W5 Family (Who, Where, Why, What and When)

The usage of the W5 family is an easy way to move along. With the help of W5, you create better social media adds. They easily catch the reader’s attention, what he or she is looking for. This ensures the reader got all the details that you need and keeps engaging the reader to read it completely. To describe this we have to look at WeWork ad that answers everything:

  • Who: WeWork
  • What: Flexible workspace for any size company
  • When: Today
  • Where: WeWork offices
  • Why: Because they are here to help my business grow

Removing the W5 family from ads will decrease readers’ attention, as you are addressing what he wants. If you are facing hardships in finding the answers for W5, go with the audience mindset. How you react if you won’t find your answers. That’s the key to all this matter.

3.  Enhancing the Ground Using Ad Copy Length

The length of Ad copy varies from platform to platform. Due to hustle on the social media platforms, some provide limited ground whereas others give a big room to play. Filling up whole sheets is not necessarily important you can deliver your message in one or two sentences. Some people argue that delivering short messages is more effective than longer ones. Conducting controlled and random experiments help in hitting the target clients. Above all, your main motive is to deliver the message properly. Mentioned above example of WeWork identifies what they want to say. They interact with the customers directly, which they are offering the structure and design of the company, area, etc. In nutshell, your arrow should click the mark.

4.  Adding up Pictures and Eye-Catching Words

Social media is a common source of entertainment nowadays. After getting bored form the work they start scrolling on social media. For this Ad, copy plays a vital role. By using eye-catching text and graphics delights the reader. It is like adding texture to your favorite dish. The text holds the reader whereas visuals talks to the reader. Take an example of a breathtaking scene; that delights you to go over there and have a look. Further, you read the text listed below or you go to the main site after reading it. For this, the URL, the Headlines, and the Pictures all work together to catch the reader.

5.  Enlisting Ad Copy with Sales Funnel

Ad copy is your price tag. But it should not look like a sales letter. On social media, you can’t just come in and sell your products like other platforms. Here on social media, you have to walk along the path slow and steady. You have to face several ups and downs. Getting traffic is hard on social media. To tackle this problem strategies are used like ToFu (Top of the Funnel)> MoFu (Middle of the Funnel)> BoFu (Bottom of the Funnel). This converts the traffic towards you.

  • ToFu

This technique is a soft way to move in. It doesn’t create a negative impression of the customers. It just shows them that you exist in the market. Not to sell anything just to be in the market. Email of users is gathered and then by sending notifications to them on social media. It is a great strategy to cover customers.

  • MoFu

After getting the client’s attention, they know your brand exists. Know you will tell them what you have, what services you provide, and what issues you resolve. You are not selling anything, you are just like a street hawker that raise voices and move along the street. All the people that are connected with Ad copy now will show some interest.

  • BoFu

As the arrow has already been stretched its time to hit the mark. After getting all sources to cover up hit the clients what you have. They know what you have you have to just present it finely. Now you are not a street hawker you are welcomed in the house and asked to show your products. BoFu lets you talk to the customers.


Presenting images or videos is not enough to control social media. Ad copy is the tiebreaker simply you can say. It can make you or break you. Ad copy grabs the social media user’s attention to stop doing random scrolling and forces them to read your content. Lastly, don’t waste their time give them worthwhile so that keep coming back.

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