Smiling Kane Williamson Rules a Billion Hearts

Smiling Kane Williamson

Smiling Kane Williamson wins hearts of cricket fans across the globe despite being the losing captain at the end of the ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 Final. One of the gentlest characters ever to play the game wears the iconic smile of the robbed that steals much from England’s celebrations.

“Braveheart Kane Williamson wears the robbed’s smile stealing too much from the English celebrations”.


Social Media Invaded by Smiling Kane Williamson Posts

Social media trends from all cricketing nations are suggestive of the fact that smiling Kane Williamson, the man of the tournament, has become one of the most beloved cricketers if not the most beloved ever. His impressive performance suggests that he is not another piece on a board rather is a man writing history.

Kane Williamson smiles at match presentation ceremony.
It materializes Shakespeare’s iconic line from ‘Othello’

His calm and composed figure is suggestive of an exceptional character, and let’s not forget that it has never been easy for anyone to swallow the bitterest pill, losing the World Cup Final by a margin stretching no more than a whisker.

Kane Williamson Smiles during Post-Match Press Conference

Kane Williamson – Post Match Press Conference is also reflective of the man carrying a classy stature that surpasses all around him. High spirit, large heart, and the killer smile of this highly admired cricketer tell us how we can rise above all, at the top of the world even after losing the all-important match.

Video Credit: ESPN UK

Upon being asked about Ben Stokes’ bat interrupting Guptill’s throw, Kane Williamson’s smiling reaction was even more graceful than ever before. The true gentleman, upon being asked about the now-infamous boundary-count rule, maintained…

“The rule has been there for a long time. I don’t think it’s — I don’t think anything like that’s happened where you now question it. But look, it’s — you can’t sort of look at that and think that perhaps that decided the match”.

Kane Williamson – Post-Match Press Conference July 14, 2019.

Ben Stokes Apologises to Williamson

Credit goes to Ben Stokes and company as well for showing great courage and putting up a brave fight, especially the champion allrounder…

“I’ll be appologising for that for the rest of my life”.

Ben Stokes

Embed from Getty Images

Eion Morgan also appreciated Kane Williamson’s approach while admiring him during the post-match press conference. But things didn’t end here and you can always bet on a boiling controversy after such high-intensity-finish to the match that counts the most.

Simon Taufel Calls It A ‘Clear Mistake’

Highly respected and one of the most admired umpires in the history of cricket, Simon Taufel triggered a new debate. You can’t just put aside the take of the 5-time ICC Umpire of the Year…

“They (England) should have been awarded five runs, not six”

Simon Taufel spoke to

Taufel, referring to MCC – the custodians of cricket laws, holds that the incident evokes Rule 19.8 according to which…

MCC rule book interpretation of Cricket Law about overthrow.

Considering this explainer page from the MCC e-learning portal, not only that England should have been awarded 5 runs but also Adil Rashid should’ve been on strike, needing 4 of the last two deliveries. Taufel calls the decision a ‘clear mistake’ but neither ICC nor MCC agreed to comment upon being requested by

“ICC decides to avoid the overthrow-furore claiming that the on-field umpires make decisions relying on their interpretation”.

Latest Update – July 16, 2019.

According to an ICC representative, as per the policy, they don’t comment on an umpire’s on-field decision.

“Too Sad to Cry, So He Smiled” – Fans Hail The Brave Heart!

Kane Williamson’s smile during the presentation ceremony melted even the hardest of hearts.

Kane Williamson puts on a brave smile after losing the world cup final to England.
“Too Sad to Cry, So He Smiled” is the caption most fans have used while paying tribute to our most beloved cricketer Picture Credit: Reuters

Fans not only from New Zealand but also from Australia, Pakistan, India, West Indies, and South Africa are sharing their grieves to let the world know how heartbroken they are feeling for this true cricketing legend, the likes of whom you don’t find in millions.

Looking forward to your comments!

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