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If you are reading this, you have probably heard about the dark-comedy Netflix Original that is still creating a great hype amongst its audience, BoJack Horseman. This comedy-drama animation was released in 2014 and has a total of 6 seasons by now. It stands at an outstanding rating of 8.7/10 on IMBd and 93% on Rotten Tomatoes.

But that is not all. There is more to this show than you can imagine. BoJack Horseman revolves around a horse that can walk, talk, eat, and do everything that humans do i.e. a humanoid horse! It may sound weird, but this human-looking horse is and will always be the heart of this adult animated series.


To keep it short, Bojack is a former sitcom star. He appeared in a famous Television show from the ’90s called Horsin’ Around, where he fathers three orphaned children he adopted. He gained popularity, fortune, and wealth through this show.

The season BoJack Horseman shows Bojack’s life 18 years after Horsin’ Around was canceled. He is shown to be living in a huge, fancy mansion. His best friend, or we may say, his housemate Todd, sleeps on his couch.

The season progresses and shows how messed up BoJack is. He once had respect but now that’s all gone. The general public still recognizes him but no one cares about him the way they used to. The girl who acted as BoJack’s daughter in Horsin’ Around is now a drug-addict who can’t seem to get her life back together. BoJack is shown to be surrounded by hopelessness and bad decisions. His life looks like an airplane that is destined to crash.

But Hey, What’s so Special about BoJack Horseman?

This dark-comedy adult animation has magnificently portrayed many important life issues without actually saying it all out loud. As the season progresses, it becomes less humor-y and more of a deep season that has a certain kind of darkness attached to it.

This Netflix original is about the life of a failed celebrity. He is a celebrity, living in a mansion and has every luxury possible in the world. But the season shows his sorrows, his losses, and his failures. It portrays this huge, black, empty hole in his life that cannot be filled. With the help of his agent, who is also his ex-lover, he tries to make everything better for himself. But Hollywood, being confusing and dynamic as it is, makes things harder for BoJack.


The season progresses by showing BoJack’s weaknesses, his troubled life. He is a flawed person. Well, he tried offering alcohol to an underage person, he hurt another man who then got hit by cancer, he left a man alone to die, and the list goes on. But as the season continues streaming, it shows the real Bojack. He tries to improve. He fails. He tries again. The cycle continues while also enumerating his weaknesses and how big of a mess his life is.

The season beautifully signifies the fact that nobody has it all together. We all are human beings trying to figure our lives out. Even a once-hit start like BoJack struggles to keep up with life’s never-ending obstacles. It signifies the importance of human relationships and how often we take those for granted. It also highlights an extremely important but hard to talk about the social issue of drug abuse. Millions go through drug rehabilitation each year. BoJack Horseman is an adult animated series that highlights and portrays many social issues like drug abuse, sex addiction, and the excessive use of alcohol, and is not suitable for children.

How the Season Helped Spread Mental Health Awareness?

BoJack Horseman Netflix 2020

One of the reasons we are obsessed with this animated show is because it highlights issues like depression, anxiety, childhood trauma, PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder). Throughout the season, BoJack is shown to be struggling with depression. His childhood was traumatic because of his narcissistic parents that never cared for and loved him enough. The show sheds light on mental health and that is only one of the thousands of reasons why this show is still loved by the masses all around the world.

Is the Production Team Still Producing More Episodes Currently?

BoJack Horseman ended in the last episode of season 6 aired in January 2020. It ended on a high note and was wrapped up perfectly. Want to know how it ended? Go to Netflix and watch it for yourself (we don’t want to give anyone spoilers!)


The season ended perfectly but it has mixed reviews about it all over the internet. In our opinion, BoJack Horseman is a mysterious, magical, and eye-opening TV show that enlightened its audience about different social issues that are generally very hard to talk about in our society. It has been presented in such a cartoony, colorful way that it’s hard to keep your eyes off of the screen. It will keep you engaged while also educating you (and making you laugh like an idiot)!

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