Human Trafficking Continues to Slit the Nose

stop human trafficking

Human trafficking is a complex and troubling reality and the fastest-growing organized global criminal activity of the day. Although policies are being formulated worldwide by NGOs, international organizations and the national governments, the powerful mafias happen to find a loophole one way or another.

U.S Government on Human Trafficking

Human trafficking is considered an emerging issue caused due to globalization but this phenomenon has been in practice for various centuries all over the world. Slavery was practiced for thousands of years. Originating from the prehistoric hunting societies, slavery continued as a universal institution. Human trafficking is contemplated as modern-day slavery. Trafficking is a complex issue that has been gradually increasing over time. Human trafficking adopted many forms in present times. Most of the individuals are subject to physical as well as sexual exploitation but it has not been discussed as a serious concern at various international forums. ‘Alpha Wolves’ are too strong to be brought to justice.

Human Trafficking

White slave traffic was in practice by Europeans against the will of women or girls and it prevailed during the 19th Century. European Galley slaves and Viking thralls were punished like they committed the crime of murder. It was common in the modern period of the Ottoman Empire where fears as to nationality and race emerged. Feudalism also promoted slavery where owners sold laborers as their property and bonded labor and peonage at its peak.

In 1904, the International Agreement for the Suppression of the White Slave Traffic became the first international instrument that debated white slavery and racial discrimination. It was later followed by the International Convention for the Suppression of the White Slave Traffic in 1910 that was signed by thirteen countries. Some facts show that white slavery was low and the practice flourished by the end of 1800. It was revealed during an investigation on the harboring of women that a large number of girls and women were brought to the USA during the year 1908 for prostitution. In Paris White Slave Traffic by the League of Nations 1920 was signed in which it was highlighted to control the banishment of migrant women.

Bush Administration on Human Trafficking as new form of slavery

Generally, human trafficking is the unlawful and coercive movement of men and women across national boundaries. It can be an action of a group of people or an individual for their distinct purposes as to commercial gains. It also includes the element of coercion that includes the deception, fraud, and abuse of power for personal gain.

There exists a lack of international response to curb this practice and formulate the instruments against illegal sex trafficking. The victims of human trafficking possess low economic and social status. The number of victims is more from the developing countries as compared to the developed states because there is a paucity of policy considerations.

Human trafficking

The approach to human trafficking demands the protection of the rights of individuals at the international level. Human rights cover all persons whether an individual transferred for forced labor or sex, regardless of age and gender. There are anti-trafficking policies that eliminate racial practices by following the migration regulations and the procedure of criminal prosecutions. The human rights policy lessens the gender-based discrimination and assures equal mechanism of access to justice.

There is a global requirement for defining the legal meaning of human trafficking within the ambit of law and morality. It demands strong policymaking based on human freedom and human rights. To prevent victims from human trafficking, regional protective mechanisms including treaties and conventions should also be adopted. There is a need to prepare and implement domestic codes for the regularization of beneficial practices against the anomaly of human trafficking.  Though human trafficking is not a new enigma and it has gained global attention in recent years. The advancement of human values and their holistic approach require eradication of the economic and social disparities.

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