For The Love Of The Game!

Decorative Painting of Lord's Cricket

Sports at its best is otherworldly, so is the love of the game. It is a feeling in its own, a sort of ism, a mannerism, a mentality; it is everything that heroism and magic are about. The greatest, the most intense, the most riveting of the contests are where millions of hearts beat in one sync for innumerable and diverse reasons, where players put up fights like titans and delirium engulfs the stadiums, the streets, and the hearts.

“…millions of hearts beat in one synch for innumerable and diverse reasons”

Zahra M.

Love of the Game – An Incredible Impact!

The world of sports is one of the most incredible realms to have ever come into existence and evolved over hundreds of years. It’s a world inhabited by immense talent a skill, world of Bravehearts who dare to take the center stage and a world of devoted spectators, who nurture its spirit with profound sentiments and unwavering commitment.

“Those who prevail in these contests of physical and mental strength make history, and the ones who live for the love of the game live on to tell the tales.”

Zahra M.
Old Father Time, the famous weathervane at Lord’s.
Credit: Flickr – hamilcar_south

There are moments created on the pitch that generations have awaited and nations celebrate for generations. July 14, 2019, was one such day in the world of sports.

Williamson Smiles for the Love of the Game

The ICC World Cup Final is the biggest ODI match and it happens to be once every 4 years. Lord’s, the Home of Cricket hosted the world cup final, New Zealand vs England, July 14, 2019. It turned out to be a match the likes of which are extremely rare…it refreshed the heartbreaking S.A vs AUS (1999) Semi-Final.

“Braveheart – Williamson’s smile wins a billion hearts”

Zahra M.
Kane Williamson Smiles
Too sad to cry, so he smiled.

The match was a tie, thanks to the ‘clear mistake’ made by the on-field umpires. The Kiwis tied the game twice, first in the official 50 overs showdown and then in the brutally intense mind torturing Super Over, yet it was labeled as a runner-up.

We Accept it for the Love of the Game!

While the English celebrate arguably the most incredible victory in the history of their invented sport, the devoted fans celebrate the surreal spirit of the game, the Black Caps wear their scars as medals for playing the most heroic game though their dream didn’t materialize.

Here, in Lahore, a national of a country that defeated both the finalists during head-on clashes, playing the finest and the most miraculous of cricket on our days, is simply adding and subtracting points on…

“How unfair the fair rules can be while I remain spellbound – all for the love of the game!”

Zahra M.

Cricket ‘ism’ In Pakistan!

Cricket is an ism in Pakistan and I’ve been a follower of that ‘ism’ for as long as I can remember. Screaming “how’s that’ to appeal for my wickets a child to raising delightful chants of “Jeet Gaye” after our wins, I’ve grown up. Eight hours of absolutely incredible cricket yesterday sapped me of energy, and yet inspired me to a new level.

Let’s Not Overshadow another Hero!

Let’s not forget another high-intensity game on the same day, one of the greatest Wimbledon Finals ever played. Playing his twelfth Wimbledon final for his twenty-first men’s singles Grand Slam title was the 37 years old Swiss Master, the greatest tennis player ever to rule the arena for so long, Roger Federer.

“Federer played the longest ever final at the most prestigious grass court against the World No. 1 with a sheer master class on display”.

Zahra M.

The match went down the wire, and my lungs grew a bit weaker as I kept switching between the live streams into the deciding fifth set, both players had won two sets each. In a game of skill, grit, and perseverance, the fifth set leveled tie-breaker at twelve-all. The Serbian International was up against two overpowering opponents – Roger Federer and the fervent R. FED Fans. “Roger, Roger, Roger!” The Centre Court echoed as Federer prepared to serve for the third tiebreaker. A mishit forehand resulted in a decisive winner for his opponent who had come from two match points behind in the most hard-fought battle. Game. Set. March. Championship. A Fifth Wimbledon Title.

“Had sports not existed, would we ever understand the outrageous brilliance that humans are capable of?  I doubt!”

Zahra M.

Earning the Priceless Pride

Novak Djokovic! He stood there in the Centre Court with a winner’s grin, the one whose incredible mental strength had overpowered the word against him. Federer had nothing to prove in a match for his ninth Wimbledon, all he earned was a lot more respect for his skill, class, and resilience at thirty-seven. He was a runner-up against a player who showed courage and grace under pressure and played at his brilliant best, physically and mentally. I haven’t yet watched Lewis Hamilton win his sixth British Grand Prix yesterday, but I’ve lived a day of such unimaginable sporting extravagance yesterday that I’m whelmed with incredulity.


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