Do You Know Foot Soaking Reduces Stress?

Soaking feet reduces stress

“Millions across the globe have been looking for simple yet effective ways freshen up and I bet you, foot soaking reduces stress in minutes, I do it every time I need to”

Sundas Khattak – insta @sundaas_khattak

Life doesn’t always entertain us as stress keeps striking back every now and then and it makes us feel like Pieces on a Board. Yes, we all know various pain-relieving and refreshing benefits of foot soaking but I am going to reveal something even better. Foot soaking reduces stress ….yes, it does! And don’t forget to comment on this if you agree or not or whether you already know or tried this!

beautiful feet
Foot soaking keeps them beautiful – Sundas Khattak

A Bit about Foot Soaking

I always call myself lucky for having feet that go well with almost all types of footwear and the credit goes to the habit of foot-soaking. We are living in the 21st century, enjoying the perks of the digital world with so many opportunities but sadly we often forget that we are not taking care of ourselves the way we should. It’s really hard to find time for parlors and spas so, we need an easy and quick method and luckily I found one.

How Foot Soaking Reduces Stress?

Honestly, I don’t know the technical stuff here as I’ve never been good at biology and chemistry ….. Ahhh…. Good old school days! Chinese orthodox healthcare practices have impressed millions for their incredible results. Foot soaking is arguably the trend that was born in China. So, I am going to share my experience here as I am a working woman and I am doing two jobs.

Being an educationist, it is tiring we all know; anyway, I’m not here to mention our struggles here. What I do when I return back home, I simply dip my feet in lukewarm water for just 15 – 20 minutes. This is it, guys… sometimes I add salt, shampoo or body shower. It’s your choice, I’m not here to promote any product!

The Effects of Foot Soaking …

It makes me feel extremely relaxed. My all tiredness, laziness, and stress magically vanish. Foot soaking relaxes our muscles, hydrates our skin, reduces any types of aches and pain, most importantly cleans our foot cracks and smoothes the skin.

Just take 15 minutes out of your life and see the magic yourself. Find time for yourself first because my mother says “Sehat hoge tou her cheez ma maza aye ga” … Oh, lemme translate it for you!

Mom Says, “Life doesn’t exist unless you’re healthy” and foot soaking is a step to good health in addition to refreshing relaxation.

Sundas Khattak

Wait for a Second … Want to Smoothen Cracked Heels?

Not only that foot soaking reduces stress but doing it on a regular basis helps you get rid of cracked heels so you can wear any footwear you love for a variety of events.

beautiful feet
My feet standout thanks to foot-soaking

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