Dirilis Ertugrul – Resurrection of the Muslim Spirit!

Dirilis Ertugrul Resurrection

They did whatever they could to stop the spread but they failed! I’m not talking about the Coronavirus but the positive thing. It is the ever-increasing sensation – Dirilis Ertugrul with its unstoppable popularity. COVID-19 isn’t the only thing on the loose in 2020, Dirilis Ertugrul (Resurrection – Ertugrul) continues to impress masses across the globe.

Dirilis (Resurrection) Ertugrul Trailer with English Subtitles

Haven’t yet considered the best things you could do during the COVID lockdown? Watch Dirilis Ertugrul and relive the majestic history of Islamic dominance.

Dirilis Ertugrul is an Islamic-themed drama series inspired by true events and based upon the historic Muslim characters. Erugrul Ghazi is a sensation for his tremendous efforts to maintain justice, humbleness, brotherhood, reliance on Allah. At the same time, he is at a psychological and physical war with Mongols and Crusaders.

“The victory is not ours, it belongs to Allah. As long as we follow Allah’s path, nobody can bring us to our knees. But if we start to believe victory is ours, if we forget our purpose and contaminate it with our desire for fame, then our Lord will shame us.”

—Ertugrul Ghazi

Scenes full of spirituality, honour, reliance on Allah, treachery, greed for power, fairness, and justice, integrity win the hearts of many viewers. Such an attitude is also ideal in these contemporary times. Every leader and individual aspire to adopt such qualities while being in a dire crisis.

Why is Dirilis Ertugrul so Popular?

It began in the Indian occupied Kashmir where the youth took Dirilis Ertugrul as the inspiration they had been looking for since decades. Indian goverment didn’t like Kashmiris following this inspirational series and a country-wide ban was imposed against this Turkish series.

For various reasons, the Middle-East and Europe followed India’s policy against Dirilis Ertugrul. This is what triggered the sensation into an intense flame. Not only the Muslims but also non-Muslims are using Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) to access the most-viewed title in 2020.


Imran Khan (Pakistani PM) stepped forward by broadcasting Dirilis Ertugrul on Pakistan Television Network. This is what no other Muslim country thought of before Khan’s popular decision. He knows best how to put bullies at their places. He insisted all five seasons should be dubbed in Urdu so that the general public can watch and understand.

The reason that Khan would recommend a foreign series in an effort to do a collaboration with Recep Tayyip Erdoğan in removing Islamophobic sentiments across the world after the UNGA.

“If a heart is filled with faith, it will guide you to the truth”

Ertugrul Ghazi

Ertugrul Ghazi – Representing the True Muslim Spirit

It is also for the reason that Dirilis seems to provide an inspirational model to a collectively damaged Muslim image that yearns to be a productive member of the world community.

Nicolas Madura on the set of Dirilis
Nicolas Madura on the set of Dirilis – ahvalnews

Dirilis Ertugul is although based on courageous stories of Muslim personalities, yet non-Muslims are also great fans of Ertugrul. Venezuela’s President, Nicolas Madura, for instance, is found out to be an avid fan and was seen happily wearing the hat of a Turkish warrior on a recent visit to the sets.

Turkish Game of Thrones - Dirilis Ertugrul

Moreover, often described as “Turkish Game of Thrones”, the show has also gained sweeping popularity in Europe, the Middle East, and South Africa. Counting for 60 plus countries worldwide fan following. Apart from diaspora Muslims in the west, the show remained one of the most viewed history-based shows.

Resurrection (Dirilis) Ertugrul: Playwright and Cast

Resurrection Ertugrul Netflix poster trailer season 5
Courtesy – Netflix

The Dirilis Ertugrul (Resurrection Ertugrul) scriptwriter & director, Mehmet Bozdag is an acclaimed filmmaker and it is his ability to combine a deeper message of traditional Islamic beliefs with the story of a hero fighting against all odds that is the heart of its success.

Ertugrul Ghazi quotes - instead of enjoying ourselves while sitting

“Instead of enjoying ourselves, while sitting in a position of authority that is based on defamation aand betrayal, it is far more valueable to be thrown in a dark dungeon and be with Al-Haqq “

Ertugrul Ghazi

The actor Engin Altan Duzyaten, who is playing Ertugrul Ghazi, has created a memorable character. The audiences root for his strong character with determined beliefs, values, and ethics. His character helps the generation to be inspired by phenomenal Muslim heroes other than the heroes of star wars.

Dirilis Ertugrul – Notable Features

  • The stories in each episode deliver both spiritual and life lessons by allowing principle characters to talk directly about moral dilemmas and their resolution.

“As long as we are on Allah’s path, nobody can bring us to our knees”

Ertrugrul Ghazi
  • The pieces of advice given by the renowned Islamic scholars and Sufi saints, such as Ibne Arabi in the show are based on the teachings of the Holy Quran and Hadeeth but most significantly from the life of the greatest person ever, the Holy Prophet Mohammad (SAW).
TRT Twitter - Ibn Arabi Quote - If you trust God and make Him your companion
  • Ertugrul dealt not only with physical war but also with psychological war. The traitorous act of internal traitors and external enemies like the Templars or Mongols, give him some really tough times yet raises to the occasion.
Dirilis Ertugrul Season 5
  • The women have shown in the series also provide an intriguing change from the usual orientalist stereotypes of Muslim women. The show reminds the world that Islam had and has always recognized the status of women in every state of affairs.

Last Word

Dirilis Ertugrul (Resurrection Ertugrul) is one of the most inspiring shows ever. No matter what faith one follows it delivers a universal value of deeds that today the contemporary era yearns for. The show is also important for the upbringing of kids and most importantly for the whole nation to grow mindful and courageous. Because it is undeniable that a nation can only succeed through its ideologies, values, and its reliability.

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