Advantages of COVID-19 Lockdown: A Blessing in Disguise

COVID-19 Lockdown Benifits

Advantages of COVID-19 lockdown – well the phrase seems out of place one may say keeping in mind the trouble this Coronavirus outbreak has caused. How can a lockdown that has confined everyday activities be a blessing? Well, you may not be familiar with the other half of the story. No doubt, COVID-19 lockdown has devastated the entire world economy while the global market is still suffering a huge crisis. In the meantime, we’ve experienced a few advantages of COVID-19 lockdown, though the phrase itself sounds peculiar but is veracious.

Corona isn’t the real virus, it is the long-awaited vaccine for the Earth against the actual virus humans.

1. A Chance to Spend Quality Time with Family

spend quality time with family during COVID-19 lockdown

Enjoy the essence of these little nostalgic moments as if there was no tomorrow.

Out of nowhere, life has transitioned from being surrounded by a crowd of people to being in quarantine at home. Normally working for long hours with a hectic routine spare no leisure time for us to sit with our family. One of the advantages of COVID-19 lockdown is that it provided us with enough hours to do everything that we always planned for. Spending quality time with family always remains a priority for most of us, but deep inside we’re all guilty of not doing so. Therefore, the time has come and we must not waste a minute, as an opportunity like this doesn’t knock twice.

These are the days for parents to sit with their children and see what they’ve been doing lately. Again, for children to spend time besides their parents. Knowing each other and breaking the communication barrier would do long time wonders. Even the smallest of activities such as playing carrom board, scrabble, ludo aka pachisi, chess, or crafting counts. Enjoy the essence of these little nostalgic moments as if there was no tomorrow.

advantages of COVID-19 lockdown - spend quality time at home

2. Children Couldn’t be More Happy

advantage of COVID-19 lockdown - happy kids

The smiling faces are the happiest faces. CNN has reported that countless children are happy these days. The reason is no secret as all the educational institutes are closed for now. All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy was probably a popular proverb among students. So no school and less packed schedule with ample time to play is what a child could dream of. Albeit this is no fairytale, their wish has been granted. They are at home with so much of the time that they’ve already been getting bored. They are more likely to build LEGO, make art and music, cook and bake, read books, build forts, sleep in, or maybe just get into a pillow fight.

We tend to think children develop best when carefully guided by adults. So the belief is that even when they are out of school, children need to be guided. Kids rarely get a break from being judged and directed. [But now] they have time on a nice spring day to just sit outside and enjoy the sunshine.

Psychology Researcher, Dr. Peter Gray – Boston College.
Happy kids during the lockdown

Meanwhile, enjoying the sunshine, they should involve themselves in some productive activities that could benefit them when the pandemic is gone.

3. Prioritizing Self-Development amid COVID-19 Lockdown

self development during COVID-19 lockdown

Leisure time calls for personal development. One should not lie down on a bed and engage in wall sighting for hours. If you think scrolling different social media platforms over a smartphone is a superb idea, well then you must think again. As it not just squanders your time but affects the human brain, upper extremities, back and neck.

We always make plans that are never executed following our busy routine, now we stand here in the middle of 2020 with adequate time in hand. This is the moment to start that book you bought from the library a few months ago, or maybe to learn the instrument you always wanted to play, or maybe just learn a skill of your own interests that might include calligraphy, sketching, painting, cooking and many more. If you don’t come out of this quarantine with a new skill or your side hustle just started or maybe more knowledge, you never lacked time, you lacked discipline.

improve your skills during the lockdown

If you really want to make the most out of this period, check out our 10 best things to do during the COVID-19 lockdown.

4. Yet Another Digital Milestone

advantages of COVID-19 lockdown for digital industry

Through this hard time, the digital world has manifested its credibility. The idea of changing the world into a global village has become a reality. How a tiny virus has made almost everything digital. Starting from online classes to paying utility bills with just a tap, it has raised endless possibilities. Few countries such as Japan have also digitalized the currency. Day by day, new feasibility is introduced to minimize the spread of the virus. For instance, office work is done online via applications and software, online teaching and learning has been introduced for universities and now even for colleges and schools.

Similarly, news can be read by e-newspaper whereas books through e-libraries, bank transactions can be processed via mobile applications. Likewise, purchasing different consumer goods can be done electronically. A peak in online traffic at different marketing sites has been observed during the past few months. This is because buyers are restricted at home and being more careful as the digital market is a suitable alternative to skip personal interactions.

working online amid Coronavirus outbreak

5. Did COVID-19 Lockdown Let the Earth Heal Itself?

Advantages of lockdown on Earth and nature

As far as the collective advantages of COVID-19 lockdown are concerned, the healing of the planet Earth is the most prominent one. Going into the lockdown most of the industries limited their operations for some time resulting in fewer vehicles on roads and lesser hustle around; nonetheless, mother Earth gets a chance to heal itself. Nature’s disruption took a pause for a few weeks and we’d already observed some enormous improvements.

The sky is much more conspicuous recently as compared to what it used to be. During night stars are more visible than ever before with Venus seen by a naked human eye. The pollution level has definitely dropped; if we talk facts, NASA has just released the data according to which pollution in some epicenters of COVID-19 has reduced up to 30%. Well, with this being said, Corona isn’t the real virus, in fact, it has proven to be the vaccine for the Earth against the actual virus i.e. we humans.

Positive impact of COVID-19 on nature and Earth

Though lockdown has a positive effect on the environment of our planet, that too is not permanent. Let’s hope that when this planet bids farewell to COVID-19, we humans would contribute our part in making this planet a better place for us to live.

Feel free to comment with more advantages of COVID-19 lockdown you think should have been included in this list!


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