A Guide to Earn Money at Freelancer (Content Writing)

Earning Money as Freelance Content Writer

Most of the enthusiasts are looking to earn money at Freelancer and the good news is that it isn’t as tough as most of the newbies might think. But you need to remember that there is no easy money coming your way so don’t give it a try if you want to earn online money by doing nothing significant.

Yes, You Can Earn Over $1000 a Month at Freelancer!

Millions have jumped in and freelancing market places now present a tough competition. Successful freelancers do manage to earn over $1000 a month and some even hit the top bar, say 2500$ a month. But it takes time, life isn’t a piece of cake! Today, I’m going to teach you something important so that you can earn money at Freelancer by winning more projects.

There is no easy money coming your way so don’t give it a try if you want to earn online by doing nothing significant.

I’m specifically talking about freelance content writing. Let’s keep other skills aside for today and concentrate on this single most profitable skill that has the potential to earn you in excess of $1,000 a month.

Join freelancer.com

To earn money as a freelance content writer you need to join a credible freelance marketplace and I’ll recommend Freelancer for various good reasons. Withdrawals are quick, the verification process is simple and authentic, and live support is available for all users. In addition, this platform is the pioneer of the freelancing industry and that’s what makes it a highly reliable marketplace for content writers, graphic designers, developers, and data entry experts.

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NEVER Provide Fake Information

This is extremely important because freelancer.com is highly legitimate marketplace so it doesn’t allow any fake credentials to sneak in. If you seriously want to earn money at freelancer in the long run, you need to play fair or else there is always a red card sooner or later.

Stay true and honest instead of selecting a bunch of skills regardless of your expertise.

In addition, providing fake information will create an issue when trying to verify your deposit and withdrawal accounts.

Stick to Your Expertise

Freelancer is a marketplace where you find an extensive range of skills to choose from. I recommend you to stay true and honest instead of selecting a bunch of skills regardless of your expertise. It isn’t going to help serve your cause. Have a look at the following skillset a content writer can choose from.

Content writing categories to earn money on freelancer.
Basic content writing skills you find on freelancer.com

Select only those skills which you actually possess. Professional clients are smart enough to judge your performance at the drop of a hat.

The Key to Earn Consistent Money at Freelancer

While working on your profile, write down an impressive orientation for the visitors of your profile. Welcome them and introduce yourself highlighting your skills, qualification, and professional experience.

Academic writing – unless you are a scholar and expert of the subject – often spoils your relationship with the client.

For content writers, it’s always important to realize the difference between academic writing and web content writing. These days, I hardly recommend anyone to opt for academic writing because there are so many revisions that you’ll find it hard to comply with it. Academic writing – unless you are a scholar and expert of the subject – often spoils your relationship with the client.

  • Portfolio

Make sure to upload at least five writing samples so that your potential clients may have an idea of your expression and tone.

  • Exam

Freelancer serves you with various exams (15 Minute MCQs Test); upon securing at least 75% marks you can earn a badge which certifies your qualification and allows you to bid on more projects. Certain clients impose the condition that the applicants need to possess a certain badge in order to place their bid.

The good news is that you don’t have to spend anything because each new member gets a free test. I’ll recommend you to take US Level 1.

Certification badges make it easy to earn money on freelancer.
  • FREE for new members so no need to pay $5

Links to your personal blog or website you serve as an author are a big plus. I always recommend writers to look for credible websites inviting guest bloggers. Luckily, we also welcome guest bloggers and publish your work with your original credentials so that you can share your talent wherever you want (You can ask for details in the comment section below).

Consistency is the Key – It Takes Time to Earn Money at Freelancer

Now comes the next stage, the bidding process. It’s a simple process, you can browse projects and contests to see what’s suitable for you. Simply hit Search icon on your dashboard and you’ll have a complete list of items.

Get used to dashboard to understand how to earn money on freelancer.

Writing a Killer Bid on Freelancer Project

While looking to earn money at Freelancer, bidding becomes the most significant part and I call it the make or break because how you present yourself via your bid counts the most. First, you need to read the project description to have a clear idea of what your client’s requirements are and what is he/she willing to pay for the task. Most of the clients welcome negotiation over chat if your bid manages to impress them.

Remember, after placing your bid only the client has the freedom to connect via chat. You can’t connect unless your clients don’t initiate the chat. This is a smart move by freelancer administration because it keeps clients from unwanted proposals and repeated inbox notifications.

Let me demonstrate via some screens from my own profile.

Focus on project description to earn money on freelancer.

Focus on Project Details

The panel on the right side gives you the information about the client’s overview and the number of completed projects. The payment method verification icon is green which is a great sign. It shows that the client is reliable.

90% of the employers are looking for quality, not the number of reviews. They are looking for consistent writers who can maintain quality in the long run.

Now have a look at the project details. The client has clearly mentioned her requirements (the clarity of instructions is suggestive of a serious client who is potentially a long term employer).

Never Write a Generic Proposal

Most of the freelancers tend to blindly bid on different projects as they have a habit of copy/pasting a prewritten text. This is a ‘criminal act’ because it straightaway tells the client that you haven’t read project details. Most of the clients love deleting such blind-bids. It simply crushes your chances to earn money at freelancer.

Now, have a look at the difference between my bid and a bid from another freelancer who has over 1000 reviews in comparison to my 47 reviews, and I still managed to win the project. Let’s first have a bid from a freelancer cherishing over 1000 reviews.

Write a comprehensive proposal to increase your chances of winning bids.
To maintain the secrecy of the freelancer I had to bring in a mustache and the sun, sorry if it makes you feel uncomfortable!

Now read what this bid has to offer, it doesn’t really address to the actual employer nor it talks anything about the employer’s requirements. It is a 100% generic bid which is basically a huge mistake.

And let me tell you, having over 100 reviews is also a downside. The reason is that most of the clients now know that freelancers cherishing over 100 reviews actually tend to outsource. They build a virtual team, become a middleman and try to grab as many projects as possible. 90% of the employers are looking for quality, not the number of reviews. They are looking for consistent writers who can maintain quality in the long run.

Here comes my bid on the same project; it actually is the winning bid.

Address the employer's requirements to perform better on freelancer.

Notice the Difference

Do you see the difference? This bid addresses the client’s requirements. In addition, it straightaway serves with the suggested titles and even the details proposal. This is what grabs the attention of an employer. You must make him/her realize that you have read the description carefully and that you fully understand the requirements.

Note that my price was $100 for 5 articles (500 to 700 words each). Now have a look at this!

earning money on freelancer feels good.

Clients Happily Reward Hard Working Freelancers

The client was extremely happy with my content and awarded me with a $40 bonus. My bid was $100 and I received $140. This is what happens when you devote yourself. Remember, if you want to earn money at freelancer you need to stand out. On average, 40 freelancers place bids on a promising project. At last 5 bidders have over 100 reviews and 70% of the bidders are new or have less than 5 reviews. To stand a good chance of winning the project you MUST come up with a killer proposal.

Must-Have Tools for Freelance Content Writers

  • If you have a Copyscape account you don’t need to look for any other plagiarism checker (for academic writing, you need Turnitin).
  • Grammarly (Free Version) is good for beginners. It’ll notify you about all typos, punctuation errors, missing articles, and other grammar mistakes.

The premium version is only suitable for advanced content writing as its price is pretty high because it highlights and corrects all mistakes and also serves with a powerful plagiarism tool.  

Content Writing Mistakes to Avoid

Employers are looking for a friendly expression and suitable tone depending on the nature of their readership. Mostly they guide you about their requirements via a detailed guide.

  • AVOID passive voice as much as possible

Most of the websites use WordPress CMS where Yoast serves as the SEO tool. It discourages excessive use of passive voice because search engines consider it as paraphrased content.

  • DO NOT paraphrase from other websites

Avoiding plagiarism doesn’t mean that you only work on changing diction of the original source. Obviously, you have to gather information from other online sources but you can make it unique by using multiple sources instead of one or two.

The mistakes most writers commit (even those with over 100 reviews) is that they just extract information from one or two sources that turn up on Google’s first page. They simply paraphrase the content, rewrite the headings and forward just another version of what is already available online.

The best practice is to collect information from at least 5 sources. Select only the best and new ideas (look for the latest information). Make sure to check the publication date of the source. Go for the latest update on the topic under discussion.

Create a new draft, come up with new headings (obviously you need to use keywords for better optimization).

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It takes time to earn money at freelancer as you have to first complete your profile, make it appealing, and navigate the website for a better understanding. But freelancer marketplace is so simple and user-friendly that it takes only a couple of days to grab the idea and start winning projects.

Airtasker – The Best Alternative to Freelancer.com

It is important to increase your streams of income. Sticking to just one platform isn’t a good idea. Beginning with an easy-going platform is recommended and then you need to think about expanding your career.

Airtasker - How it works

I recommend Airtasker because it offers an extensive range of jobs you can do. The best part is that this platform offers you the opportunity to join hands with local clients. You can also download Airtasker App from Google Play or App Store.

If you want to make quick money while doing nothing significant, please don’t try it as it’s not going to work. You have to build credibility and once you earn a couple of good reviews your profile is ready to rock&roll. Have a nice time, enjoy freelancing, and start earning money online (with hard work, not the shortcut). Good luck, thanks for reading and let us know if you want to share your ideas or ask questions! The comment section is all yours.


  • I am undergraduate student of pre medical can I get a job in any section ofbtype content writing and description

  • I am undergraduate student of pre medical can I get a job in any section ofbtype content writing and description

  • Yes, if you are good at English, you can start your freelancing career using your writing skills. Sign up with any freelance marketplace you like, complete your profile and go through your verifications. Study the platform (terms and policies in particular) and start bidding on projects. It might seem hard to begin with but consistency will bear fruit in the long-run.

Looking forward to your comments!

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