The Flash and The Thunder

The Sparkle and the Thunder

You don’t come across people or situations that aren’t meant for you. Sometimes we discard things as if it is a normal routine thing. This sequence of events tire us, we feel like giving up but the All-Mighty gives us the strength to fight another battle happily.

instagram marketing in 2020

Instagram – A New Marketing Agent In Pakistan

The world has marked One Billion Instagram user’s across the globe in June 2020. According to a survey conducted by Statista, Approx. 250 million Instagrammers visit one Business Profile daily. 60% of them do it to find new products and more than 90% of accounts follow a business account on Instagram.

tips for social media ad copy

The 6 Best Tips for Killer Social Media Ad Copy that Converts

In today’s world marketing backbone is Social Media. Social Media plays a vital role in engaging customers for marketers. Marketers need to be active on social media 24 hours a day. But why it so important to be so active?

COVID-19 Lockdown Benifits

Advantages of COVID-19 Lockdown: A Blessing in Disguise

Advantages of COVID-19 lockdown – well the phrase seems out of place one may say keeping in mind the trouble this Coronavirus outbreak has caused. How can a lockdown that has confined everyday activities be a blessing? Well, you may not be familiar with the other half of the story.

BoJack Horseman Netflix

Know All about the Netflix Original BoJack Horseman

There is more to this show than you can imagine. BoJack Horseman revolves around a horse that can walk, talk, eat, and do everything that humans do i.e. a humanoid horse! It may sound weird, but this human-looking horse is and will always be the heart of this adult animated series.

Dirilis Ertugrul Resurrection

Dirilis Ertugrul – Resurrection of the Muslim Spirit!

They did whatever they could to stop the spread but they failed! I’m not talking about the Coronavirus but the positive thing, the ever-increasing sensation – Dirilis Ertugrul. COVID-19 isn’t the only thing on the loose in 2020, Dirilis Ertugrul (Resurrection – Ertugrul) continues to impress masses across the globe.

Ivar the Boneless true story

What is the True Story of Ivar the Boneless?

Who exactly is Ivar the Boneless and what is the true story of this strange nickname that would become the most feared name across entire Europe? He lived through the terrifying Viking era that ripped apart not only the minor kingdoms but the larger English Kingdoms.

things to do during COVID-19 Lockdown

10 Fun Things to Do During the COVID-19 Lockdown

If you’ve run out of ideas or DIY things to do during the COVID-19 lockdown then take a look at our list of 10 best fun things to do during the Coronavirus outbreak.

Bloggers' Choice

Decorative Painting of Lord's Cricket

For The Love Of The Game!

Sports at its best is otherworldly, so is the love of the game. It is a feeling in its own, a sort of ism, a mannerism, a mentality; it is everything that heroism and magic are about. The greatest, the most intense, the most riveting of the contests are where millions of hearts beat in one sync for innumerable and diverse reasons, where players put up fights like titans and delirium engulfs the stadiums, the streets, and the hearts.